Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pumpkin Farm

This weekend was Teacher Appreciation weekend at Hill Ridge Farms! For the 7th year in a row, Grandma Barbara and I took Savannah and Hadley to the pumpkin farm to kick off fall. Since Tal's mom and I are teachers, all 4 of us got free admission, which is always a huge blessing.  Savannah (8.5)  and Hadley (almost 3) loved riding the ponies, playing in the corn bin, sliding down the giant slide, and picking out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. After 3 hours of fun activities, all of us were hot, tired, and hungry...but blessed to spend the day together!

Swinging on the playground

Sliding down the 80 foot giant slide

Grandma Barbara and Hadley

Playing in the corn bin

Hadley loved seeing the horsies us close:

Hadley loved riding the pony so much that she wanted to ride two times!

Playing in the sand pit

Savannah and Grandma

Every year, the girls stand in front of this sign, so we can see how much they've grown over the past year:

This year Grandma wanted to see if she'd grown in the past year:

Below is a picture of Savannah the first year we went to Hill Ridge Farms. It was 2011, and Savannah was 2.5 years old (the same age that Hadley is this year):

Duck Races

We rode on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, where we each picked out a pumpkin to take home:

Our pumpkins

Eating a sno-cone before we headed home

Grandma Barbara picked out this albino pumpkin to take home to Aunt EJ  (who loves white pumpkins!) for her front porch:

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