Saturday, September 23, 2017

Caniac Carnival

Last Sunday, September 17, our family enjoyed going to the Caniac Carnival after church. It was a free event that was sponsored by the Carolina Hurricanes, which is the professional hockey team in our area. (Fans of the Carolina Hurricanes are called "Caniacs.")

The Caniac Carnival signaled the beginning of the hockey season. It was held outside the arena where the Hurricanes play and included 15 food trucks, 20 inflatables, games, and lots of freebies from local vendors.

Tal, Hadley (almost 3), and Savannah (8.5)

For lunch, Savannah and Hadley ate free chicken tenders from PDQ...

...while Tal and I ate hamburgers from the Rare Earth Farms food truck:

Interestingly, the hamburger came from grass fed cows on a sustainable farm in NC:

The girls loved the inflatable slides and bouncy houses:

Corn Hole

At the Sports Clips booth, Savannah and Hadley got their hair sprayed with temporary green paint:

The girls loved showing off their green hair until we washed it out the next day!

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