Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mud Day

Today the girls and I went to Mud Day at the Wetland Center with our friends Amanda and Tyson. It was a free local event, where we enjoyed making bubbles and mud pies, playing with water, painting with dirt, and getting dirty in the mud pit. After playing outside in the sun and mud for a couple hours, the five of us ate a picnic lunch at the Wetland Center before we headed home and took showers and naps!

Filling containers with dirt, pillbugs, and worms to take home: 

Playing in the dirt

Making a giant bubble

Playing with water

Painting with mud

 Savannah's Mud Sculpture

 Tyson and Amanda

 Savannah touched a turtle!

Savannah (8), Tyson (2.5), and Hadley (2.5)

Learning about water pollution 

Planting milkweed seeds

Making mud pies 

Playing in the mud pit

Picnic Lunch at the Wetland Center

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