Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Weekend: Part 2 (Cards)

Happy Father's Day to our favorite dad who loves us, protects us, takes care of us, provides for us, helps us, cooks for us, makes our home beautiful, takes us on fun adventures, and doesn't mind living in a pink palace with three girls. We love you, Tal! 

On Father's Day, Tal played drums at church. Then, our family ate lunch at Buffalo Brothers, took afternoon naps, and watched the US Open on TV:

From your princess(es):
Who needs a tiara,
who needs a jeweled crown,
who needs fancy shoes or
a fairy tale gown...
When all that it takes to be a princess each day
is a daddy who treats me in such a sweet way!
Happy Father's Day with love
We love you, Daddy!
Love, Savannah, Hadley, and Rachel

 Savannah was excited to show Daddy the card she made for him at school:

Since Savannah was 2 years old, her nickname has been "Savannah Banna" or "Banna" because the other kids in her class couldn't say "Savannah Banana:"

Dear Papa:
I love you so much.
I love it when you take me to the park and get ice cream.
Love, Savannah Banna

My dad is the most wonderful dad in the world!
He is as handsome as a singer.
He is as strong as John Cena.
He can lift 0 pounds and is 6 feet tall.
His favorite food is hot dogs and meatballs.
His favorite activity is going to concerts. 
I think my dad looks funny when he tickles me and Hadley.
But I know he is really mad when he hears Hadley cry.
I wish my dad would eat with me at school every day.
I would not trade my daddy for money.
Happy Father's Day!

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