Saturday, June 24, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Savannah's tie-dye art that she made in science class:

Last Sunday, Grandma Barbara drove 3 hours to celebrate Father's Day with Tal, as well as to pick-up Hadley and take her to her house for the week. While Grandma Barbara was here, she treated us to ice cream:

After eating our ice cream, Savannah and Hadley wrote messages on paper and hung them on the wall:

While Hadley was at Grandma Barbara's house last week, she went to Bible school every night at Grandma's church. Below are some of the crafts that Hadley made:

Grandma Barbara texted me this picture of cousins Harper (left) and Hadley (right) playing on beach behind Grandma Barbara's house:

While she was laying on Grandma Barbara's couch, Hadley drew a picture of Momo, the dog at her babysitter's house:

While Hadley was at Grandma Barbara's house, Savannah enjoyed spending some extra one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy. After gymnastics on Monday, Savannah enjoyed eating a popsicle on our porch:

After school on Tuesday, Savannah and I went shopping at HomeGoods and TJMaxx. Savannah used some money from her piggy bank to buy a swim mask and snorkel. After shopping, Savannah and I ate dinner at Moe's, where kids eat free on Tuesdays:

After school on Wednesday, Savannah and I stopped by Panera Bread and got 10 cookies. Savannah put on labels and gave the cookies as end-of-the-year gifts to her teachers and the teachers who helped me in the library this school year: 

Over the last week, Tal and I have been giving Savannah's bedroom a mini-makeover. Tal put together a desk and chair for Savannah's bedroom. After school on Thursday, Savannah and I painted the bookcase in her bedroom.



After work/school on Friday, Tal, Savannah, and I drove three hours to Salter Path to pick up Hadley at Grandma Barbara's house. The sun was starting to set when we drove over the intracoastal waterway and onto the barrier island where Grandma Barbara lives:

On Friday night, we slept at Grandma Barbara's house. At 8:00 on Saturday morning, we ate breakfast with Grandma Barbara, Uncle Benny, Aunt EJ, and Harper:

Hadley wanted to sit and and snuggle with me since she hadn't seen me in a few days:

Cousins Savannah (8), Hadley (2.5), and Harper (4) after breakfast:

Grandma Barbara and her three grand girls before we said goodbye and drove three hours to home:

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