Sunday, June 18, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Last weekend Tal was having trouble breathing. I thought it was adorable when Hadley crawled into his lap while Tal did a breathing treatment:

Hadley was so proud of herself when she put on Savannah's gymnastics leotard all by herself. She didn't care that it was on inside-out!

Before church, Savannah asked me to measure her to see if she'd grown:

On Sunday afternoon, Hadley took a nap with me:

Sweet Sisterly Moment

On Tuesday night, Savannah fell asleep on the couch while she waited for Tal to come home from choir/drum practice at church and carry her upstairs to bed:

Hadley was adorable when she got all of the blankets and covered herself and started talking to herself:

Hadley has gone 6 days straight with only one potty accident during the day. (She peed on Tal during nap time yesterday):

Savannah sat on Tal's lap and told him about a chapter book she was reading:

Savannah and Hadley had fun playing on top of Tal:

Father's Day Naps

Father's Day Nap

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