Sunday, June 4, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Savannah's 2nd grade class read the book Flat Stanley. Savannah colored the Flat Stanley below and mailed him 900 miles to Grandma Judy in Illinois. On the paper below, Grandma recorded Flat Stanley's adventures and sent along some pictures from his visit: 

Flat Stanley rode a motorcycle with Grandma Judy's friend Duane:

Flat Stanley ate dinner with Gran Rowell (Savannah's 101 year-old Great Grandma):

Flat Stanley went to a Civil War reenactment with Grandma Judy:

Flat Stanley watched when a big tree got cut down in Grandma Judy's front yard:

After dinner at the Ale House one night, our family ate Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert:

At least twice a week, Hadley crawls into Savannah's bed and sleeps with her:

I think the girls enjoy snuggling and having someone to sleep with:

Savannah and Hadley love to sit on the kitchen counters:

After a long day at school, Savannah fell asleep in my lap while I watched TV:

Yesterday Savannah and Hadley were exhausted after playing outside at Mud Day at the Wetland Center. On the ride home, both girls fell asleep in the car. Mission accomplished:

On Friday, Tal took the day off from work and went to the Rex Hospital Open, a golf tournament. Tal and his Uncle Kevin had a great time walking 4-5 miles while they followed Aussie Robert Allenby. This afternoon Tal spent four hours at the tournament, where he followed several golfers, including Chesson Hadley from Raleigh who came in 2nd place:

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