Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017: Part 2

On Mother's Day, I felt so loved and appreciated when I read the cards and texts that I received.

From my mom:

From Tal:

 From Savannah (8) and Hadley (2.5):

At church this morning, Savannah and Hadley made a mason jar filled with fireflies. Their fingerprints are the fireflies.



Savannah made this Mother's Day book for me at school: 

Savannah's drawing below shows how well she knows me. I have green eyes and curl my hair every day. One of my favorite colors is teal/turquoise, and I wear a shift dress to school most days:

I broke down and cried when I read Savannah's descriptions of me below. I was amazed and touched by how well she knows me. Almost everything she wrote is correct. I found it encouraging that Savannah seems to have a positive opinion of me:

My mom is really special because she is the best teacher ever.
Sometimes my mom helps me with my homework.
The best meal my mom can cook is meatballs.
When I am in trouble, my mom says "no iPad."
Something unusual about my mom is that she never wants to work.
One thing my mom enjoys doing is relaxing.

My mom doesn't like it when I back talk to her.
When I fall down, it makes my mom feel sad.
My mom loves mint ice cream. (I prefer chocolate ice cream.)
My mom's favorite color is blue green.
If my mom had three hours free, she would probably go shopping.
One food my mom does not like is hot dogs.
My mom likes to wear a dress to school.

My mom's favorite place to be is at the mall.
A restaurant my mom loves to go to is PDQ. (Chick-fil-a is my favorite fast food restaurant.)
My mom's personality is happy and creative.
My mom's favorite food of all is hamburger. (My favorite food is chocolate.)
I can count on my mom to help Emily move.
My mom is good at putting pictures on the blog.
My mom's best friend is Emily.

Hillsong is a song that my mom really likes.
If I could take my mom anywhere, I would take her to Falls Lake.
If my mom had $1,000, she would probably spend it on new shorts and a new dress.
One time my mom bought two shoes that didn't fit on her feet..
My mom's favorite room in the house is the living room because that's where she watches her shows.

My mom's hair is usually neat and styled.
My mom's bedroom is usually like a furniture store--clean.
My mom is usually on time.
My mom would most enjoy watching TV.
Housework my mom likes least is cleaning bathrooms..
My mom won't leave home without make-up.

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