Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kids Workshop

This morning our family went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop that takes place from 9-12 on the first Saturday of each month. Savannah and Hadley had a great time making and painting flower pots. It was a fun, free, family-friendly activity!

First, the girls nailed the legs to their flower pot:

Then, they assembled their flower and attached it to their pot:

Last, the girls painted their flower pots:

Savannah painted her pot a rainbow of colors:

Hadley painted her pot purple:

Hadley's (left) and Savannah's (right) finished flower pots!

After the Kids Workshop, we stopped by the garden center, where Savannah and Hadley each picked out a packet of flower seeds. When we got home, the girls put some soil in their pot, planted their seeds, and put their flower pots on windowsill to get some sun. Savannah and Hadley are excited to see their flowers grow in the coming months!

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