Thursday, April 27, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

I think this picture is adorable because Hadley was stretching out her arms
and saying, "Hold me, Mommy:"

Due to her good behavior, Savannah was a star student in art class this week:

Hadley LOVES to swing in our backyard!

Savannah typed this letter to Grandma Barbara:

Hadley and I took her teddy bear Pinky for a walk down our street:

Then, Hadley stood inside our screened porch and watched Tal grill hot dogs:

I THOUGHT Savannah was watching Hadley... 

...but Hadley was stamping and drawing on her legs:

Savannah did a beautiful job coloring this picture: 

The Easter Bunny brought Hadley a toy hair dryer and curling iron. Hadley has enjoyed brushing and curling my hair, as well as putting clips in it: 

Hadley took my picture:

Thanks to Aunt Angie for sending Savannah and Hadley an Easter card and some stickers:

Hadley thought it was hilarious when her tongue turned blue after she ate a blue sucker:

 Savannah's 2nd grade school picture:

Earlier this week, we received 6 inches of rain. Since it was raining outside while Savannah was at gymnastics, Hadley and I went to the inflatable playground across the hall:

Hadley loved sliding down the inflatable slide...

...and driving the truck:

Savannah's Easter artwork:

Hadley climbed the climbing wall in our backyard ALL BY HERSELF!

The area by our mailbox was overrun by weeds, so last weekend Tal pulled out all the grass and weeds. Today our irrigation company flagged our sprinkler heads, so Tal can lay new sod around our mailbox this weekend: 
This morning Savannah got dressed and into the car before I had a chance to approve her outfit:

When we got to school, I discovered that Savannah was wearing small, tight shorts on top of her gymnastics leotard with high heels (that were too big and uncomfortable):

Savannah and Hadley LOVE doing flips and handstands in their personalized chairs in our living room: 

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