Friday, April 21, 2017

Australia and New Zealand Trip: Part 8 (Cambridge Hotel in Sydney)

On Saturday, April 15, Tal and I flew 2.5 hours from the Australian Outback to Sydney, which is in the Australian state of New South Wales:

Sydney was a bustling city with 4 million people. It had lots of wonderful restaurants and activities, as well as many tourists from Europe and Asia. Driving in Sydney was nerve wracking, but we were proud of ourselves for finding our way around a foreign city (thanks to the GPS on my phone). Tal did a great job driving on the left side of the road and navigating through all of the traffic, narrow streets, and numerous turnabouts. Like everyone else in Sydney, we drove a compact car (Suzuki). Parking was challenging and hard to find in Sydney. For $37 a day (ouch), we parked our rental car in the parking garage next to our hotel. The garage had tight turns, challenging hills, and small parking spaces (shown below): 

Tal and I slept two nights at the Cambridge Hotel in downtown Sydney. The hotel staff was helpful in giving us directions to nearby restaurants and gas stations:

Our room was on the 12th floor. (Of the four hotels we stayed in on vacation, our hotel in Sydney was the only hotel that had an elevator.) Our room and bathroom were small but clean and adequate. Plus, the bed was comfortable:

From our room, we had beautiful views of the Sydney skyline:

On the night that we arrived in Sydney, Tal and I walked a couple blocks from our hotel to an Irish pub, where Tal ate some delicious beef and Guinness pie with mashed potatoes:

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