Friday, April 14, 2017

Australia and New Zealand Trip: Part 4 (Outback Pioneer BBQ Restaurant)

On Friday, April 14, Tal and I celebrated our last night in the Australian Outback by eating dinner at the Outback Pioneer BBQ Restaurant:

It was an outdoor restaurant that was located across from our hotel and came highly recommended by the locals:

Tal and I selected our meats:

The barramundi and garlic prawns were tempting, but Tal ordered the Outback Pack, while I got the Scotch Fillet:

Tal's Outback Pack included three Aussie game meats:
emu sausage, crocodile tail, and kangaroo loin:

Tal grilled our Aussie feast on the barbie:

After Tal finished grilling our meal, it was time to eat!

Tal said the crocodile tail (the white meat on the plate) tasted like rubbery chicken:

The emu meat tasted like regular sausage from the United States (although I thought it had a strong aftertaste when Tal gave me a sample):

Although Tal enjoyed all three meats, his favorite was the kangaroo loin, which he said tasted like beef stew meat:

It was a fun experience to grill our own food and sample some Aussie cuisine at the Outback Pioneer BBQ Restaurant!

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