Friday, April 21, 2017

Australia and New Zealand Trip: Part 14 (Mount Victoria in New Zealand)

On Tuesday, April 18, Tal and I took a 12-minute ferry ride from the Auckland Harbor to the seaside village of Devonport. In Devonport, Tal and I climbed Mount Victoria, visited the village library, and bought some chocolate:
Devonport and Mount Victoria

Tal and I hiked to the top of Mount Victoria, which was one of Devonport's landmarks:

We were tired when we reached the top of Mount Victoria, but the views of the Auckland skyline and Waitemata Harbor were spectacular:

When Tal and I got to the bottom of Mount Victoria, we visited the Devonport Library:

Inside the Library

Before we returned to the ferry, Tal and I walked to Devonport Chocolates, where we bought some delicious handmade truffles and chocolates:

Tal and I looked into the kitchen to see how the chocolates were made:

It was bittersweet when Tal and I hopped on the ferry and cruised back to the Auckland Harbor. We knew our second honeymoon was coming to an end and that the next day (Wednesday, April 19) we would begin our 30-hour return trip to NC to see our girls:

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