Monday, April 17, 2017

Australia and New Zealand: Part 5 (Desert Gardens Hotel in the Outback)

After spending 10 hours in the coastal city of Cairns, Australia, Tal and I left at 5 A.M. on Thursday, April 13 for our flight to Ayers Rock. Ayers Rock was located in the middle of Australia in the town of Yulara, which was in the Northern Territory (also known as the Outback):

Tal and I spent two nights at the Desert Gardens Hotel in the Ayers Rock Resort.The resort was situated in an isolated and sparsely populated area, where tourism was a big industry. The resort area included 4 hotels, a campground, a small supermarket, and several restaurants, as well as apartments for the resort staff and locals.

Out of the four hotels that Tal and I have stayed in Australia and New Zealand, our room at the Desert Gardens Hotel was our favorite. Our 5-star hotel room was modern and beautiful and included everything that we needed:

Our beautiful bathroom:

From our hotel room, Tal and I had gorgeous views of Ayers Rock (the red rock pictured below):

Here are a few fun facts from our stay the Outback:
  • Our hotel was in the desert, and the weather was warm and dry with temps in the 80's. 
  • Due to the dry climate, the locals encouraged us to drink one liter of water every hour. Tal and I carried water bottles with us everywhere.
  • We were required to wear covered shoes outside to protect our feet from bugs and dingoes.
  • The Outback had lots of annoying flies. Fly nets (mesh head coverings) were recommended outside.

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