Thursday, January 12, 2017

IL Road Trip: Part 6 (Return Trip)

On January 3, the girls and I left central IL at 6:30 A.M. and drove 7.5 hours.  We spent the night at a Fairfield Inn in Ashland, KY:

After a long day of traveling, Savannah and Hadley were looking forward to swimming in the hotel pool. Unfortunately, however, we only swam for about 20 minutes because the pool water was freezing cold, and the hot tub was broken:

After eating dinner at Subway, we relaxed in our hotel room before going to bed:

Hadley loved writing in Savannah's reading workbook:

The next morning, the girls and I ate a continental breakfast at the hotel, loaded up our Expedition, and started our last day of traveling:

We drove 3 hours and then stopped for lunch at Wendy's in Wytheville, VA. Then, the girls and I hit the road and traveled the last 3 hours of of our 7-day road trip!

The girls and I missed Daddy while we were on our road trip, and we were thrilled to see him when we got home at 2:45 P.M.We were thankful for safe travels and that we didn't encounter any snow on our trip through 6 states. Daddy took us out to dinner at Waffle House to celebrate our arrival!

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