Wednesday, January 11, 2017

IL Road Trip: Part 5 (Pool)

On January 2, our last day in IL, we met my lifelong friend Sarah for lunch at Jason's Deli. Then, the girls and I, along with Sarah, Grandma Judy, and Mya, went to an indoor pool in Peoria. For a couple hours, all of us enjoyed playing in the water fountains, going down the water slides, and floating in the lazy river. In the lap pool, Savannah and Grandma Judy raced across the pool to see who was the fastest swimmer. Hadley loved the zero depth pool, where she could walk in the water and play in the fountains independently. We were thankful to have a fun place to play inside on a cold and rainy day outside!

Hadley and Mya

Savannah on the water slide:

Hadley in the zero depth pool:

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