Wednesday, January 11, 2017

IL Road Trip: Part 4 (New Year's Day)

On New Year's Day, the girls and I had an early morning playdate at McDonald's with my lifelong friend Peggie. Then, we headed to church and sat with my mom and Duane:

After church, we ate lunch at my mom's house:

Then, Savannah had fun playing Uno and Skipbo with Grandma Judy, Duane, and Aunt Renee:

In the evening, my whole family gathered at Gran's house to eat pizza for dinner and to celebrate my brother Michel's 37th birthday:

Savannah, Gran, Hadley, and Mya

Hadley loved taking selfies with Mya's phone:

Mya and Savannah selfie:

Another selfie:

Hadley played on Gran's piano bench:

After dinner, the girls headed to my mom's house, where we lit sparklers and fountains:

Hadley, Savannah, and Mya loved having a cousin sleepover at Grandma Judy's house (and I got a night to myself)!

Savannah and Mya

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