Tuesday, January 10, 2017

IL Road Trip: Part 2 (Grandma Judy's Birthday!)

On December 30, after spending the night in Lexington, KY, the girls and I drove 5.5 hours straight to central IL where my family lives. Savannah took this picture of the wind turbines we saw around Bloomington, IL:

After eating lunch at Taco Bell with my mom and Duane, the girls and I unloaded all of our stuff. While we were in IL, Savannah stayed with Grandma Judy at her house. Hadley and I stayed in the guest suite (shown below) in the retirement community where my Gran Rowell lives. The guest suite was a mile from my mom's house and had a bed, living area, kitchen, and bathroom. Best of all, it didn't cost us anything to stay there!

Then, all of us walked down the hall to spend some time with my Gran Rowell in her apartment:
Savannah (7), Hadley (2), and Gran (101)

Savannah showed everyone her splits:

Savannah and Hadley loved playing (banging) on Gran's piano:

The youngest (2) and oldest (101) members of our family:

That evening, our family celebrated my mom's 65th birthday at Avanti's, our favorite Italian restaurant in the area. It was the first time in many years that I was in Morton for my mom's birthday, and it was extra special that my entire family was there to celebrate!

From left to right, there was Hadley, my niece Mya, Savannah, my brother Michel, my sister-in-law Sheree, my mom, my mom's friend Duane, and my sister Renee:

My mom and Duane

Grandma Judy and her 3 grands:
Hadley, Savannah, and Mya

My brother Michel and sister-in-law Sheree

Cousins Hadley, Savannah, and Mya

Grandma Judy, Hadley, and Savannah

Thanks to Uncle Michel, Aunt Sheree, and Cousin Mya for the books, art supplies, and toys that they gave Savannah and Hadley for Christmas:

After dinner, our family finished my mom's birthday celebration by driving through the Festival of Lights that featured dozens of beautiful lighted displays:  

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