Monday, December 12, 2016

2017 House Goals

Well, Tal and I won't be renovating our bathrooms in 2017. We won't be upgrading to a king-size bed.
Instead, Tal and I are planning to use our "home improvement fund" to travel to Australia next spring for our 10th wedding anniversary! Tal told me that he would rather spend 10 days alone with me in Australia than tile a bathroom. How could I say "no" to that?!

Although we won't be doing any major renovations in 2017, Tal and I brainstormed a list of (mostly) inexpensive DIY and home decor projects that we can work on next year as our budget allows. Many of the projects below cost less than $100. Perhaps we will complete 1 or 2 projects each month? Stay tuned!

DIY Projects:
  • install bookcases in Hadley's bedroom ($0)
  • paint back of bonus room bookcases ($15)
  • paint kitchen Wedgewood Gray ($50)
  • paint sleigh bed in master bedroom ($50)
  • paint nightstand and dress in master bedroom ($50)
  • paint dining room chairs ($50)
  • reupholster dining room chairs ($50)
  • paint laundry room cabinets and replace hardware ($50)
  • paint our loft cabinets and replace the hardware ($100)
  • build and paint kitchen banquette ($300)
  • paint the kitchen cabinets and replace the hardware ($500)
  • build outdoor retaining wall ($500)
  • install updated lighting in our entry, dining room, kitchen, closets, laundry room, and hallways  ($1,500)
Home Decor Items:
  • garage entry rug and kitchen rug ($75)
  • Savannah's bedroom mini-makeover ($100)
  • living room art ($200)
  • living room ottoman(s) ($200)
  • living room bookcase accessories ($200)
  • guest bedroom rug ($200)
  • guest bedroom art and accessories ($200)
  • guest bedroom chair ($200)
  • guest bedroom headboard ($250)
  • entry rug and runner ($300)

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