Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

On Halloween, I went to Book Character Day in Savannah's classroom. Savannah read the book Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Mission and dressed up as Emma the Power Ranger:

Savannah did a great job giving her oral book report and reading aloud a page from her book!

Savannah's class also made Halloween crafts...

...and decorated Halloween cookies:

Danica and Savannah

In the evening, our family went trick-or-treating on our street, which is a 1 mile circle. It was a beautiful fall evening with temps in the 60's. Savannah and Hadley got candy from around 25 houses, and we talked to many students from our school who live in our neighborhood. It was a fun evening!

Savannah dressed up as Emma the Power Ranger, while Hadley was an NC State cheerleader:

 Trick-or-treating on our street:

Hadley and Savannah and all of the candy they received!

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