Thursday, November 3, 2016

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched, 
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks that I want to remember forever.

Savannah lost her two front teeth on March 2. 
It's been 8 months, and one of Savannah's front teeth finally poked through her gums!

Thanks to Aunt Angie for sending Hadley this adorable outfit as a birthday gift:

Hadley, who turned 2 on Oct 10, finally has enough hair for a pigtail! 

Hadley loves sitting in her Dora chair with her blanket and teddy bear:

A sweet sisterly moment on the couch while Hadley is playing peek-a-boo:

I'm an elementary school librarian. Our annual Book Fair was held in my media center from Oct 14-28. We sold $19,400 in books. With our profit, I will be able to buy 200 new books for our library! 

The PTA did a beautiful job decorating the outside of my library for the Book Fair:

Our Book Fair theme was "Fall in Love with Books," so the PTA decorated our school lobby with pumpkins, leaves, and fall colors: 

On Halloween, Savannah wore her costume to Chick-fil-a and got a free kids meal. 
No purchase necessary!

On Halloween, Savannah and I went to the Dollar Tree 
and filled a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child:

Below are the Christmas gifts we picked out for a girl in another country who is 5-9 years old:

Our family went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Halloween, 
and this is the candy that Hadley and Savannah received:

We had a great time trick-or-treating on Halloween, but our family was exhausted the next morning. Hadley wanted to keep sleeping on Tuesday morning:

Thanks to Grandma Judy for sending Savannah and Hadley these McDonald's coupons.
We will enjoy using these freebies for after school snacks!

On October 19, our family was in a car accident. Yesterday Tal dropped off his truck for repair. This white mini van is Tal's rental car for the next few days. Tal is NOT fond of his mom mobile. Savannah, on the other hand, keeps saying how much she loves the sliding doors on the mini van. Haha.

Over the last few weeks, Tal and I have enjoyed cheering for the Cubs after the girls go to bed. I grew up in Illinois and have fond memories watching the Cubs on TV and going to Cubs games as a child:

Cubs win! 
My Grandma Rowell, who is 101 years old, is the oldest person that I know. 
Even my Grandma isn't old enough to remember the last time the Cubs won the World Series in 1908. 108 years ago! 

Savannah got a good report when she went to the dentist today. The dentist gave her two coins, which Savannah used to get the toys below from the Treasure Tower:

Savannah's hair is growing! 
Check out her long pigtails:

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