Sunday, October 2, 2016

Seafood Festival

This weekend our family traveled to Morehead City to celebrate Tal's birthday (which is on Oct 3), as well as to drop off Savannah at Grandma's house for a week while she is tracked-out (on vacation) from school.

On Friday night, our extended family, including Gran and Grandaddy, Uncle Kenny and Brandi, and Grandma Barbara, Uncle Benny, and Harper gathered at Golden Corral to eat dinner and celebrate Tal's birthday.

On Saturday, we had a fun family day at the NC Seafood Festival with Grandma Barbara, Uncle Benny, and Harper. We enjoyed riding the rides, sliding down the giant slide, and eating jambalaya, corn dogs, and gator bites for lunch.

Family Picture

Savannah and Harper watching the boats on the waterfront:

Eating corn dogs for lunch

Savannah took this picture of Harper by the waterfront:

Eating jambalaya

Eating alligator for the first time!

Hadley (23 months)

Eating gator bites

Savannah on the Morehead City waterfront

 Tal and Hadley

Savannah is ready to fly!

Savannah was still smiling after the ride!

Hadley was so brave on the elephant ride! 

Benny loves his mama!

Savannah on the carousel: 

Savannah, Benny, and Harper on the carousel:

Grandma and her 3 grandgirls: 

Our family threw 25 balls, and no of them landed in a cup. 
Maybe we will win a prize next time!

Hadley was ready for naptime:

Hadley and Tal tried catching bubbles:

Harper on the slide:

Hadley on the slide:

Catching bubbles

Benny and Harper on the giant slide

Tal and Savannah on the giant slide:

Savannah, Harper, and Grandma Barbara on the giant slide:

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