Sunday, October 30, 2016

Grandma's 100th Birthday Party (in Oct 2015)

My Grandma Rowell celebrated her 101st birthday last week! Last year, in October 2015, Savannah, Hadley, and I flew to Illinois to celebrate my Grandma's 100th birthday. We enjoyed seeing family and friends and celebrating Grandma's milestone birthday.  (This post is for my mom who has patiently waited a year for me to post the rest of my pictures from Grandma's birthday weekend.)

Hadley's (1) first airplane ride! 

Hadley (1), Grandma (100), and Savannah (6)

A local bank wished Grandma a Happy 100th Birthday on their marquee:

Guest Book at Grandma's party

Up until a few years ago, Grandma loved to sew and make crafts. 
She kept a collection of buttons for her projects:

Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma with Grandma's mom, dad, brother, and sister:

Grandpa and Grandma with four of their children. 
My mom, who was baby #5, wasn't born yet when this picture was taken:

Below is a picture of our family at Grandma's 100th birthday party. 
Only two family members were missing!

Savannah and Hadley met their cousins for the first time:
Hannah, Sarah, Abby, and Allie

Savannah and her cousin Hannah

Four Generations:
The girls and I with my mom and Grandma:

Savannah and Hadley

My Aunt Joy (my mom's sister) created these hand-written timelines for each decade of Grandma's life. Each timeline includes important world events and inventions, as well as family photos and what was happening in Grandma's life during that time:

Grandma Judy and Hadley

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