Sunday, June 26, 2016

Living Room Makeover: Part 5 (Navy Sectional)

Today our living room sectional was delivered!

Our new sofa is the CU2 L-shaped sectional from Bassett. In May, Tal and I visited 9 furniture stores and sat on over 30 sofas. A lot of the sectionals we tested were sloppy-looking, low to the ground, scratchy, and/or uncomfortable. However, the CU2 had everything on our wish list:
  • It is firm, yet comfortable.
  • It is tailored and not sloppy-looking.
  • It has detachable back cushions.
  • It has good support, so we don't sink to the floor when we sit down.
  • Our feet touch the ground when we sit down.
  • The high back enables us to rest our necks and heads when we watch TV. 
  • The measurements fit our small-scaled living room.

I loved that Bassett offered free design services. A interior designer came to our house and measured our space. She helped me design our sectional and select our sofa and pillow fabrics (shown below):

The designer listened to our needs and requests and then designed a sectional that complements our area rug:
  • We wanted one side of the sectional to be at least 8 feet long, so an adult who is 6 ft. tall could lay down on the sofa. (One side of our sectional is 8 ft and the other side is 12 ft.)
  • We wanted a chaise lounge, where Savannah and Hadley could nap, read, or watch TV.
  • We wanted to maximize seating but ensure that we had good traffic flow and that our sectional did not overpower our small living room.

For the fabric, Tal and I chose navy microfiber because it's durable and kid-friendly. It won't pill. It won't snag. This dark fabric will hide dirty fingerprints and pen marks. We don't allow Savannah and Hadley to eat or drink in the living room, but we should be able to wipe up spills easily when accidents happen. 

Tal and I intend to keep our sectional for the next 7-10 years, so we hope it will be durable, attractive, and supportive!

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What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful! So fresh and clean!