Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hardwood Floors Upstairs: Part 8 (Savannah's Bedroom Demo)

Yesterday Tal and I put the finishing touches on the bonus room, guest bedroom, and Hadley's room. Tal finished installing the shoe molding. I cleaned the floors, and then we rolled out the area rugs and moved the furniture back into the rooms. We are thrilled to be 100% done with the flooring, molding, and clean-up in these rooms!

Hadley's Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Bonus Room

Three rooms are done...and we have one room to go! Today Tal and I spent several hours demoing Savannah's bedroom in preparation for hardwood floors:

First, we moved Savannah's furniture into the guest bedroom:

Then, Tal ripped out the carpet and padding and carried it down to our garage. While Tal removed the carpet staples, I painted the baseboards in Savannah's bedroom and used our shop vac to pick up the dust and debris: 

 Finally, Tal put down black felt paper for a moisture barrier.

After living in a construction zone for nearly four weeks...the end is in sight! If everything goes smoothly, Tal will finish installing the hardwoods and molding in Savannah's room in the next week or so. Then, we can clean up the dust and debris, put away the tools, and move the furniture back into Savannah's room:

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