Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hardwood Floors Upstairs: Part 6 (Hadley's Bedroom Demo)

Tal is halfway done laying hardwood floors in the upstairs of our house! Today Tal and I spent a couple hours demoing Hadley's bedroom in preparation for hardwood floors:

First, we moved Hadley's furniture into the guest bedroom:

Then, Tal ripped out the carpet and padding and carried it down to our garage. While Tal removed the carpet staples, I painted the baseboards in Hadley's bedroom and used our shop vac to pick up the dust and debris. Finally, Tal put down black felt paper for a moisture barrier:

While Tal and I were working, Savannah and Hadley pretended to have a sleepover on the floor in our guest bedroom:

Below is a picture of our upstairs loft area. Our house is a construction zone...with dust, tools, and furniture everywhere: 

 I frequently vacuum, but there is often a layer of sawdust on our floors and stairs:

In a few weeks, our hardwoods will be done...and our house will be back to normal!

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