Thursday, July 2, 2015

Staircase Photo Gallery: Part 1

I'm excited about my latest project!
Over the last few weeks, I've been working on our staircase photo gallery:

My inspiration:
Martha Stewart Living

Currently, our staircase is a blank wall...

...but I have 3 goals for this project:

1. Add color and personality to our staircase through the use of artwork, family photos, and letters.

2. Create a cohesive color scheme by carrying our home's colors from the downstairs to the upstairs. (Our home's color scheme is teal, turquoise, light blue, lime green, golden yellow, cream, white, and tan. These colors are repeated throughout our whole house.)

3. Hang pictures of Hadley in our house (because we don't have any framed photos of our baby girl yet).

To get started, I cut out templates with craft paper and attached them to the wall with some washi tape.Then, I arranged and rearranged the templates (like a jigsaw puzzle) until all of the pieces worked to create a balanced display:

After I finished planning our photo wall, I was ready to purchase the frames and prints:
  • three 16x20 art prints (in our home's color scheme)  to add color to our staircase
  • six 8x10 black and white family photos (3 vertical and 3 horizontal)
  • three 5x7 black and white family photos (2 horizontal and 1 vertical)

Tomorrow I am going to put the pictures in the frames, attach the
 Command strips, and hang the frames:

Stay tuned for our colorful, personal staircase! 

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