Saturday, July 18, 2015

hit the pool

On July 14, the girls and I (along with Grandma Judy and Aunt Renee) drove to Wrightsville Beach for our family vacation. After we checked into our hotel, we went swimming with Uncle Michel, Aunt Sheree, and Mya in the hotel pool. It was great way to relax and cool off on a sweltering summer day!

Savannah, Hadley and Mya are ready for the pool!

I love Hadley's toothy grin!

Ocean view from our hotel room:

Grandma Judy, Hadley (9 months), Aunt Sheree, and Uncle Michel

Hadley fell asleep in Uncle Michel's arms:

Savannah was a fish in the water! 
She loved diving for objects, swimming in between people's legs, and playing with Mya: 

Grandma Judy and Hadley

Me and my Girls

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