Monday, July 13, 2015

Decked Out: Part 3

Here's what our 15-year old deck looked like last month...

...before Tal ripped it out:

A couple weeks ago, Tal laid the boards for our new deck:

Over the last week, Tal finished building our new deck!

He rebuilt the railing where our grill collapsed 7 months ago:

Tal installed around 30 new pickets... 

and then nailed the railing to the deck:

He also rebuilt the steps:

What an amazing transformation!

Now that we have a new deck...our house feels instantly more updated!

This week Tal is going to start staining our new deck...and then our project will be complete!

Tal and I have set aside $1,000 for our deck project. Here's a breakdown of our expenses:

$461 Lumber, nails and trailer rental
$135 Pickets and supplies

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