Saturday, March 14, 2015

Princess Party

Today Savannah dressed up as Princess Sofia and spent 1.5 hours with Belle and Rapunzel! She attended a princess party with her friend Isabella at our local community center. Belle and Rapunzel read princess stories, played games with the little princesses, and helped them make crowns, bracelets, and books.

Storytime with Belle and Rapunzel:

Bean bag toss with Belle:

Savannah won a bracelet for participating in the bean bag toss:

Isabella held Hadley for the first time: 

Belle gave the little princesses lessons on how to wave and curtsy:

Isabella and Savannah got their faces painted:

Check out Savannah's face painting in the mirror:

 Princess Savannah on her throne:

Belle and Rapunzel helped the girls create their own princess manual:

 Savannah loved being a princess for the day!

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