Monday, October 13, 2008

Tal's New Truck!

After months of researching and saving, Tal's dream of owning a truck came true this past weekend! On Saturday, Tal purchased a preowned 2008 Ford F-150 with 17,500 miles. It's black with a gray interior.

Tal's truck has two features that we really needed: an automatic transmission and four doors for our growing family. It also has a couple "extras" that we're very excited about: an MP3 player and a bed liner.

Within the next few weeks, the car dealership will be adding running boards on both sides, which will make it easier for Savannah and me to hop in and out of Tal's truck.

(In the photo below, Tal took his mom and grandparents, who visited us yesterday, for a ride in his new truck.)

Just as the Lord has blessed us with Tal's truck, we pray the Lord will lead us to bless others by helping them move items and/or by establishing a small grass cutting ministry/business.

Some of you have asked what we plan to do with Tal's 1998 Jeep Cherokee. The Lord guided us in negotiating a good deal on the truck, and we felt that He was leading us to donate Tal's Jeep to a family in our church that needs a vehicle immediately. We pray that the Jeep will serve this family well for several years.

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