Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Ready for Savannah

We had a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend with Tal's mom, Barbara, who came to visit us. On Saturday, Tal, Barbara, and I had the best time registering for baby items at Wal-mart and Target. (We're going to register at Babies R Us next weekend.)

Barbara was a big help because she gave us a mom's perspective on essential and "nice-to have" items for Savannah. Tal and I learned a lot about the best diapers for girls, which bottles help prevent gas :-), and how to wash a baby's clothes.

As we registered for items, it was fun to imagine Savannah being part of our lives and using the items that we picked out. For instance, I can envision taking Savannah for a walk in her stroller, giving her a bath every night, and watching her sleep in her Pack-n-Play at Grandma's house.

Thanks to her generous Grandma Barbara, Savannah will be the cutest baby! Below are some of the adorable clothes that Grandma brought for Savannah. Some of our favorites say, "cute as a button," "I love Grandma," and "lil' princess."

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