Saturday, August 16, 2008

What would I do without Tal? :-)

Tal and I recently endured a 10-day "separation." On August 1, Tal left for a week-long work conference in Orlando, FL. Five days later, Renee, Amanda, and I drove to IL to spend a few days with our families.

Before Tal left, I discovered that he does such a good job taking care of me that I haven't needed to learn how to do certain things since we've been married. I realized that there were a few things I couldn't do without Tal's assistance, so before he left, Tal did them for me or gave me a quick lesson:
  • Tal set the VCR to record three of my favorite TLC shows.
  • He wrote step-by-step instructions on how to watch DVD's. (Our stereo system is so complicated with three remote controls that I'd never bothered to learn how to watch movies.)
  • Tal showed me how to send him text messages during his conference and while I was traveling.
  • My hubby reminded me how to turn all the stereo volume in my car to the front seats so as not to disturb the person in the backseat while we were traveling.
I guess I kinda need Tal once and awhile, huh? :-) He's worth keeping around.

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