Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In Results

Some of you have been cheering for me since I joined my school's Wednesday Weigh-In group--our version of TV's Biggest Loser.

Since March, I (along with 20 other teachers) have been weighing-in every Wednesday and charting my weight-loss progress with our school nurse.

Being part of the group has motivated me to exercise five hours a week and stick to a healthy diet.

At my final weigh-in last Wednesday, I discovered that I've lost 12 pounds during the last three months. Yea!

I'm gladly putting my weight loss efforts on hold during the next nine months, but I'll continue the healthy routine that I've established over the last few months.


Brenda said...

Is this an announcement? Putting your weight issues on hold for nine months?

Just wondering.

Aunt B.

Jennifer said...

Does this mean you guys are due to have a baby in nine months ? If so congradulations ! Love always your cousin ,Jennifer