Saturday, June 7, 2008

Popular Tal-isms

Tal's favorite game pose

A number of Little League parents have asked me, "Rachel, where is your husband from? He's not from these parts."

Sometimes, they'll turn to me and ask, "What did Tal just say?"

In fact, the parents have coined Tal's sayings as "Tal-isms."

Throughout Little League season, I've been collecting some popular Tal-isms:
  • "God invented washing machines, so you can get your shirt dirty."
  • "Break it up, guys! We can decide where we're going to eat later."
  • "Smile at the pitcher like you know something he doesn't."
  • "Come on, boys! I smell the buffet."
  • "Quack! Quack! A couple of mallards on the pond (batters on base)."
  • "Come on, get a hit, and Mardi Gras will break out. We'll have a fiesta."
  • "Don't worry, they're not going to close the buffet line without you."
  • "Get your money's worth [when you look at the ball]."
  • "Watching one strike is pretty. Watching two strikes is a parade. This is a baseball game, not a parade."
  • "Turn your frown upside down."
  • "Okay, this is deuces wild (two balls, two strikes, two outs)."
  • "That catch looked like Dancing with the Stars."
  • "If you're not going to swing, then you're just wasting your energy holding it."
Gotta love him! Tal definitely makes baseball entertaining. :-)

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