Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mission: Organization

Tal and I have an ongoing goal to increase storage and organization in our house. This weekend we doubled our storage potential in three closets (laundry, office, and master bedroom) by installing additional shelving.

Before: Master Bedroom Closet

Over the past year, I've taken over 80% of "our" closet with my clothes, and poor Tal has had to keep his work clothes in the office closet.

Before: Office Closet (Tal's Closet)

On Saturday, Tal took down the shelving that was in master bedroom and office closets. Then, he installed top and bottom shelving in both closets.

Our main goal was to create enough room for my clothes AND Tal's clothes in our closet. We did it! As you can see below, all of our clothes now fit in ONE closet.

After: Master Bedroom Closet

Also, in the laundry closet, there were several feet of wasted space above the one shelf. To utilize this space, Tal added another shelf.

Before: Laundry Closet

After: Laundry Closet

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